Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NEWS (Update from the studio)

The All Good Funk Alliance is currently working on several remixes, look out for The Cherry Boppers and Fort Knox Five remixes this year. The Super Hi-Fi release of "Man with a Jam Plan" & "Sock it to Ya" is now at the distros being pressed and all that and should be coming your way soon followed by robust remix packages.

Right now you can purchase the Sleeve and Friction remixes of some songs from the AGFA LP Social Comment via Amazon or your better digital distro. The Neighbour & Think Tank release should have been out yesterday, but Kudos is slowly pushing that out to all the stores so we expect it to be a bit of a slow launch. The remixes for that are also coming from Maelstrom, Kid Gusto, B-Team, Dimitri Max and more. Check back here for updates on this release.

Monday, September 28, 2009

B-Team vs Missy E "Lick to Come Down"

This is a mashup using the Neighbourhood Romeo remix of "Took to Come Down" and Missy E's "Lick Shots", that I thought I would post up for those that might have missed it from back in the day. This was done back when this record was released back in June of 2007 as our first release on Super Hi-Fi. The whole idea behind B-Team and Super Hi-Fi was to release music that really married house with what we do with our Funk Weapons and AGFA sound. The original remix from Neighbourhood Romeo really had that cool indie rock disco sound that fit the vocals from Missy E perfectly. I've played this a million times and it never gets old or stale, even though the Missy vocal was used a billion times on several remixes, none of the other mashups really match this one IMO. So here it is... we hope you enjoy..

Download the file here

Friday, September 25, 2009

Neighbour & Think Tank LIVE Video

While we wait for the boys to finish up the album, here is a little teaser of what the Neighbour & Think Tank live show is all about. Neighbour uses 2 cdjs to rock his own songs, and a keyboard and a guitar in which he plays over them and sneaks in some bits and pieces of musical history to make the story complete. Think Tank just destroys the mic but he has that keen sense of when to rock and when to sit back and let the beat ride. We are super excited about the "Night Owl" EP, and it will be interesting to see how the whole album fits together. Musically it will be all over the place, Disco, Dub-Step, Down-Tempo, just all over the map. I really love how party rocking Think Tank is, yet he can deliver deep and thoughtful lyrics as well. These guys will be legends one day, I'm just glad they trust us enough to handle their music.


Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP OUT VIA JUNO UK

So happy to hear this is finally getting out, via distro at Groove.

Get it at Juno now here

Featurecast has put out some of best records in the funky breaks scene over the past couple of years and this record will mos def keep that tradition alive. Starting out with “Run for Cover” which fuses a Lenny K sample with some heavy JB type drums and everything but the kitchen sink into a heaving jam of a track. Stickybuds brings in that Nick Thayer, A-Skillz type sound on the remix and takes the song in a bit harder direction. On the flip Featurecast flips Jacko’s jam into a party breaks monster “Sunshine Boogie” complete with Fatman Scoop shout outs and all sorts of bits to make the song new again. Finally we round out the EP with “Feel for You (take it back)” which fuses the rap and horns from the Chaka classic with fresh beats and funky scratch bits to make for another party rocking bomb.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Groove Website Launches TODAY

Our good pals over at Good Groove have finally launched a proper website and it's really well put together and has a lot of cool content. We suggest getting over and checking out the excellent podcasts which are chock full of goodies and un-released cuts. In case you didn't know Slim whom runs Good Groove also did the artwork for our album Social Comment and well as all the artwork for the Super Hi-Fi label, in return Frank does mastering for them and we are one big happy family.

Check it here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance "Swing the South" Free Download

Back in 2006 we put this song out on AFA-FW4, it was the b side on the "Pete's Sake" release and was also was included on our first album "On the One". Last weekend I played an all vinyl gig and ended up pulling out this record and playing this song, and I kinda forgot how dope this song is. This was the first record in which we made some actual profit and I think it really help push us out into the world. I wish I could find the sales sheet to see what I said about the release at the time, but after much searching I couldnt find it. So anyway without further ado, here is a link to the Mp3

All Good Funk Alliance "Swing the South"


News and upcoming releases

So we have been doing a bit of work in the studio and finally some of this music is seeing the light of day. On Super Hi-Fi, we are releasing "Sock it To Ya" with a remix from Kraak and Smack (Jalapeno Records) and a brand new song which is a collab with Rubber Johnson out of OZ called "Man with a Jam Plan" with a remix by Fort Knox Five!!! The whole package is sick, and will be followed with a pack of remixes which will have something for everyone.

On the Funk Weapons tip we got the Neighbour & Think Tank "Night Owl" EP which has a remix from us (AGFA) dropping on September 29th, so look out for that. We are going to follow up that with remixes by Maelstrom, Dimitri Max, KidGusto, and B-Team. We also just dropped the Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1 digital only release so be sure to check that out.

Finally on the Baffin Island tip, we got an awesome EP from Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP, coming out via Groove Dis very soon.

We have a mix on Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a new site for hosting dj mixes of all sorts, we put up our lil Podcast 2which received quite a few hits since we first posted it up earlier this year. It features a lot of un-released cuts and some rarer gems you might have forgotten about.

Check it here

Choclair "The Essence" Rockmaster Rus B Go Go Remix (Free Download)

For some time now I wanted to blend the sounds of Go Go with some banger-style synth bass, and came up with this. The drums are cut from EU ”Freeze” and Kurtis Blow’s ”Party Time” which Trouble Funk produced. The bassline and keys are all me, and the scratches are from DjP. Mad thanks to Frank for his mixdown and mastering skills and adding all those little bits to make it complete. I tested this track on a proper system and the whole place was shaking, so play at your own risk. Much respect to cats like Nick Thayer, A-Skillz, Sticky Buds, et al for pushing this tempo and flavor.

Rockmaster Rus B

Download link here

Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl” EP (Release Date 9-29-2009)

Neighbour and Think Tank have been working together for a couple of years now, really hitting their collective stride this year with a string of dope shows and a lot of great new music. Neighbour is the disco funk wonderkid from Calgary (now living in Vancouver) and has been honing his craft for the past couple of years with a bunch of great releases on his label Homebreakin. Think Tank an MC originally from Calgary also transplanted to Vancouver, has been working on music with Neighbour long enough to amass a sizable collection of dope songs. These three song were slated to come out on Homebreakin Recordings, but we decided that it might be fun to do a joint release and really show the world how much love there is between our two little labels. “Night Owl” the lead track is a throwback style disco rap track that just rocks out with some serious slap bass and disco space sounds, while Think Tank gets all old school on the mic. The All Good Funk Alliance provide the remix and take the track in a more breaks direction but still keep enough of that old school flavor to keep the party going. On the flip Think Tank drops some science over some dubby cranking synth bass on “Photo Synth”, one of the most interesting tracks that we have ever put out. And finally “Get Up” get all broken beat meets electro with Think Tank urging you to just get up, get up, get up…

Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl” EP

A-Side: Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl”; “Night Owl” (AGFA Remix)

B-Side: Neighbour & Think Tank “Photosynth” ; “Get Up”

All Good Funk Alliance "Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1" AFA-FW22 (Out Now)

All Good Funk Alliance "Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1" AFA-FW22


All Good Funk Alliance "Codeword for a Change" (Sleeve Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Direct Me" (Sleeve Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Direct Me" (Sleeve Remix) Instrumental
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction disco Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction funky Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction disco Remix) Instrumental
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction funky Remix) Instrumental

Funk Weapons is finally dropping these long awaited remixes that have been sitting in the vault for a long time. Sleeve whom is famous for his wonderful records on Freestyle did up 2 remixes for us, matching some jazzy and funky vibes perfectly with the vocals from Swamburger and Alexandrah. Germanys Dj Friction takes Swamburger and Alexandrah to the disco with his boogie and disco inspired remixes, perfect for those star filled nights on the dance-floor. We also provided the instrumentals to all the cuts but the Codeword remix for those whom might be inspired to rock their own blends and remixes.