Friday, November 30, 2012

Razle Dazle "Flutter Butter" (Free Download)

Razle Dazle from Eureka, CA is killing it with these b-boy meets ghetto-funk jams, this Flutter Butter track has been asked about every time I drop it. Check it out and give this dude a follow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

All Good Funk Alliance "Closer to the Edge" with Piper Davis

This song came together in a wonderful way, I love the way Piper's voice really works perfectly with the track. The remixes are coming soon, so I just thought I would remind you of the dopeness that is Closer to the Edge. Check Piper Davis here

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Late Night Workshop 2 (DJ MIX)

Just in case you thought I have gone all trap, I still spin everything. Currently, I'm really feeling the super slo-mo house with heavy edits and synth work vibe. This was posted on the excellent Thirsty Thirty blog, so thanks for that fellas. Thanks to my main man Steve Raskin for busting out the nice graphics. If you missed part 1, it is here.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Bear Trap

Totally feeling this dude Bear Trap. ☎☠⚔Twerk It Out⚔☠☎ is on its own style, somewhere between Drum-step and Trap. Meanwhile No Sleep Never totally gets tripped out and funky.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dream - This isn't House (DJP's Still isn't House Refix)

DJP drops this little number today and it's really jamming. Loving the mid-tempo Moombahish vibe on this and the Jack vocals sit perfectly on it. Get at it and P's other insanely dope productions while you are at it.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lindsay Lowend

Lindsay Lowend who is 1/2 of the Dads on Display has been dropping bomb after bomb recently and his latest 2 songs are pure bliss. I love the way he flips the R&B soul samples with his own unique synth sounds and inventive drumming. He is creating his own unique sound as you can't really nail it any single one, and that always draws respect from me. Check him out and give him a follow, dude is on a constant music drop these days and deserves some love.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Clayton & Fulcrum "Easy to Love" EP

Clayton and Fulcrum produce soul breaks straight out of Philadephia, PA and have been making music since 2002. Using a combination of live instrumentation, synths, and samples they weave a soulful funky deep sound. The "Easy to Love" EP features a remix from Rory Hoy (Howlin' Records) UK, and 3 new songs from the soulful duo. "Easy To Love" has a deep house feel that would appeal to fans of Crazy P.. "The Get Down" is a sublime piece of nu-disco but with a nice breakbeat instead of a 4/4 drum, Rory Hoy provides the remix and brings up the energy a bit and gets a little funky with it. Finally "Empire Sun" goes left-field jazz with a nice shuffle break, sweet horns and some seriously deep chords.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beastie Boys Tribute Mix by Doc Delay

Our hommie Doc Delay just dropped this insane Beastie Boys tribute mix .. get at it below

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fort Knox five vs. Afrika Bambaataa vs Arcadion - “Zulu Trident (DC’s Finest Remint)”

In honor of this weekends show with Afrika Bambaataa at U-Street Music Hall here in Washington DC on May 27th, the Fort Knox Five dropped this future go-go banger on us. This tune is HUGE, and we are super stoked that they opened this up to the world. It doesn’t get better than this in my book, so check below and you shall be rocking the club or your car stereo with this awesome tune.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday May 27th - Afrika Bambaataa returns to U Street Music Hall

We are proud to announce the return of Afrika Bambaataa to U Street Music Hall on Sunday May 27th for the Memorial Day Weekend event Funk 4 Peace 2012. What better way to kick off summer than with the Godfather of Electro-Funk who has helped spread Hip-Hop culture worldwide. Afrika Bambaataa will deliver a dj set full of party classics, anthems, old school electro and funk. Performing live will be DC's own All Good Funk Alliance, who are celebrating the release of their fourth studio album, "Jacks of All Trades", which came out May 1st on Fort Knox Recordings. There will be an All Good Funk Alliance "CD Listening Party" from 9-10pm with a Smirnoff and Red Bull Open Bar. All attendees will get a free copy of the Jacks of All Trades CD. Rounding out the line-up will be label founders Fort Knox Five with a four turntable DJ set and an opening live performance by rising reggae/funk group Nappy Riddem. The event will run from 9pm to 3am, 18 and up and only $10 admission.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Jayl Funk "Jughead" Phunk Sinatra remix

Jayl Funk has been on a tear recently, he released an excellent album recently which I am a big fan of. Anyway he dropped this treat today and it's free..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neighbour and Thinktank "Ketaminjaro"

Check out this awesome song from Think Tank and Neighbour and show them some love.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dads On Display "Tickle The Ivories"

Jump over and give Dads on Display a favorite or a comment if your feeling, these are some solid ass dudes and this is on some next level ish.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

All Good Funk Alliance "Jacks Of All Trades EP"

Our new EP is out on advance at Beatport, this represents 2.5 years of hard work and determination to make the best LP we could make with influences and styles that span our gamut of genres. Please check out the EP and download it if you dig it, we appreciate all our friends, fans and comrades for doing so.

Buy Here

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nappy Riddem "One World" J Boogie Remix Free Download

Our label hommies Nappy Riddem are giving away a free tune today, jump on via the link below to grab it. J Boogie laces the joint fat with some great drums and dubby vibes that really transport the song to the dance-hall.

Free Download of Nappy Riddem "One World" J Boogie Remix

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Like AGFA on Facebook

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Jump on Facebook and like

We do not spam or send out a million messages a day, and you can get the scoop on free downloads and shows. It costs you nothing, just a second of your time.

Thank you in advance..


*Photo by Jessie Justice...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Good Funk Alliance "Me and My Crew" Free Download

The Rhythm & FX Tour is off to a great start with Jon H and Frank Cueto making a strong start in Wyoming and Montana already. This week will see Rusty B from AGFA and Steve Raskin from Thunderball join the guys for the next two weeks of touring in Colorado and California. Thanks for all the great support, the fans have been the best. The Rhythm & FX EP has also been doing very well on Beatport!! It will be released on iTunes, JunoDownloads and all other sites worldwide this Tuesday March 20th.

To celebrate the tour and this release, All Good Funk Alliance would like to give you a free download of an original slice of Future Go-Go by AGFA entitled “Me and My Crew.” Simply click “get it now” below, enter your email address and a download link will be emailed to you. Thanks again for all your support!!

All Good Funk Alliance "Me and My Crew" (Free Download) by ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Featurecast track (Free Download)

The mighty Featurecast has a new EP out on Jalapeno Recordings. Featurecast is arguably the king of Ghetto-Funk, at least in my book. His EP's for the Ghetto-Funk label are staples in my sets and he always brings the heat. This EP features all original material and it's completely party rocking.

Going Going Gone (feat. C. Reid) by Featurecast

Friday, March 9, 2012

Rhythm and FX Tour Starts TONIGHT!!!!


Friday, March 9th – Jackson, WY – Pink Garter Theater *
Saturday, March 10th – Bozeman, MT – Zebra Cocktail Lounge *
Thursday, March 15th – Vail, CO – Samana Lounge
Friday, March 16th – Denver, CO – Cervantes Other Side
Saturday, March 17th – Durango, CO – Abbey Theater
Tuesday, March 20th – Breckenridge, CO – Three Twenty South
Wednesday, March 21st – Santa Cruz, CA – Motiv
Thursday, March 22nd – Sebastopol, CA – HopMonk Tavern
Friday, March 23rd – Arcata, CA – Arcata Theater Lounge
Saturday, March 24th – San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine #

* = Without Thunderball
# = w/ Quantic & Alice Russell Live

Funk The World Mix 02 by fortknoxfive

Monday, March 5, 2012

Kool G Rap "Lifestyles" Howling Mad Remix

When I look back at the golden era of Hip Hop, Kool G Rap stands out as one of the best boast rappers out there. Dude could big up himself bigger than anyone else in the game. If you look at later rappers like Biggie, you can see a direct line to the style of rap that Kool G Rap made famous years before. Howling Mad is a producer on soundcloud that does all these kinda of low key remixes of classic hip hop tracks. All his remixes are great, I suggest you hop over and check him out.

Kool G Rap - Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous (Howling Mad Remix) by HowlingMad123

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dads On Display (Interview and Download)

Dads on Display have been blowing up as of late and we recently found out that they are from the DC area, so we thought it would be interesting to find out some information about this musical duo. Musically they produce songs that are funky with a bit of hip hop, boogie, glitch and dub-step all mixed together. Some people call the genre Ghetto Funk, but we think their music is much more intelligent than that, as they shy away from overused samples and "bro-step" elements, and focus on adding more depth and melody in their songs. They are currently attending college and out of the area, so we conducted this interview via email. Please be sure to check out the free downloads after the interview.

Rusty B.: First off how old are you and where do you currently live?
Tony: We're both 18 right now and live about a block away from each other in the suburb of D.C. known as Silver Spring. Hop on the metro and you can go just about anywhere in the DMV. Absolutely love it here.

Rusty B.: What are you currently studying in college?
Tony: I started off as a music composition major but dropped it within the first week of classes. I wanted to write jazz but all my professor would talk about was serialist music and other nonsense (well, nonsense to me anyways). I switched to marketing because I figured it was easy and I'd have more time for the stuff I wanted to do. I was right about that, haha.

Jonah: Well, I started attending the University of Michigan this fall with the intention of studying composition and audio engineering at some point (through their well regarded music school). But as of late, I've just been trying out different things from Astronomy to Musicology. I'll most likely end up studying music because that is the true love. That is what keeps us going and keeps the groove flowing.

Tony: Word.

Rusty B.: Can you tell me a bit about your musical background?

90% of my musicality came from writing chiptunes and copying what I heard
Tony: Absolutely. My grandma asked if I wanted to play guitar when I was five and I just sort of said "yes" without knowing what I was about to get myself into. I went off and on with the lessons like a light switch; I'd take them for a couple of years, get bored of that, and then start them up again. I even took lessons with Berta Rojas, who also lives in Silver Spring and is a really well respected classical guitarist ("really well respected" being a mammoth understatement). I took a music theory class my junior year of high school that really stirred the pot as well. I actually discovered electronic music through the game Dance Dance Revolution. My brother and I started playing it competitively and of course the music in that game is all disco, trance, eurobeat, house, drum and bass, breaks, and so much more. I started looking further into electronic music and discovered people like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, and The Flashbulb. It was a humbling experience: seeing how much incredible music there is out there, and all produced with computers too. Soon after that I became addicted to chiptune music (music written in the style of retro video games, also called 8bit music). A lot of the guys writing these chiptunes were complete composition phenoms: absolute masters of harmony and melody. A lot of these tunes were particularly jazzy/funky and consequently got me into real jazz and funk from the 70s and 80s; stuff like George Benson and Stax Volt records became regular listening. It's funny: I'd say 90% of my musicality came from writing chiptunes and copying what I heard. Needless to say 7th and 9th chords became my best friends.

Jonah: Both of us have fairly extensive musical backgrounds. I started learning basic keyboard theory in 1st grade until the end of 2nd grade but quit because I wasn't vibing with my teacher. Same thing happened with my 3 year stint on the cello. Then I found guitar in 5th grade and have been playing seriously ever since. Both of us studied Jazz theory and classical guitar with top notch players in the DC area. Tony and I have really connected well musically because we both started out as serious guitarists whether it be shredding to melodic metal, playing wild jazz odysseys, or doing dual classical sets for fancy events. Now I spend a lot of my time teaching myself jazz piano and fooling around on the bass as well as guitar.

Rusty B.: Your sound is really polished for how young you are; what do you use for production?

Tony: Really? Awesome. I've never been super confident in my production abilities, but recently I've really noticed a significant improvement. I think that's sort of how DOD came to be: something finally clicked and I was ready to make stuff public. I do pretty much everything in Renoise, which is a vastly underrated DAW. It's not like Ableton or Logic in that it plays through your tune vertically as opposed to horizontally. Of course there are loads of other discrepancies, but let's not go into those, haha. Jonah uses Logic, so I'll have him whip up a riff or chord progression and then export the stems so I can work with them in Renoise, which is where the final product materializes. I'd say the main reason our sound is so polished is that I mix in mono and use a spectrometer. A spectrometer allows me to see frequencies in my mix that I can't hear too well on my monitor (a Fostex 6301B). I just look at the frequencies of my master track and see where anything needs to be cut or boosted. It's sort of like filling in the pieces to a puzzle: If I see a chunk missing at 200 hz, I look around for the right piece and fill it in. Also, I use high pass filters on every track to take out unnecessary low end; I mean, every track can use one. In addition to all of this, we try not to brick-wall limit our tracks to hell and back; just because it's dance music doesn't mean it has to be so loud. Besides, a club's sound system handles modestly compressed tracks much better than over compressed ones. The drums have so much more clarity and punch when you leave a bit of room.

Rusty B.: What soft synths if any are you currently using?

Tony: Really the only one I'm using now is Zebra Computer Music Edition. It's an incredibly simple yet versatile synth. I used to use it in conjunction with a bunch of third party effects, but now I make all of my basses inside the box. Jonah makes a lot of his sounds using the synths that come with Logic Pro and I have to admit I'm pretty envious of his synth brass collection, haha. Other than that and basses, pretty much all of the sounds are either me playing guitar or sample based. I don't believe the hardware myth. Soft synths sound incredible these days. I mean, look at guys like Madeon and Porter Robinson; they're doing everything inside their respective DAWs and they're kicking all sorts of ass. Even some hardware junkies are starting to throw in their towels.

Rusty B.: What artists are you guys currently checking out?

Tony: Oh, man. Well, within the world of ghetto funk, the first name that pops into my head is Stickybuds. We saw his Ghetto Funk EP teaser on youtube awhile back and had it on repeat for days, so it's especially awesome that he's been supporting us. Shout-outs to both Father Funk and Defunk as well; they're a couple of other new cats who are into the whole "giving tunes away for free" thing. My all time favorite producer (at least for the past few months) has been edIT of the Glitch Mob. His album Certified Air Raid Material has been so much more than just an inspiration; I use it as a model for all of our mix-downs and masters. I mean, what an incredibly well produced record. We still listen to tons of chiptune music too, so a big name there is FearOfDark. He's got this one track called "Surfing On A Sine Wave." My god, man: what a tune. "Riffage" from that still gets stuck in my head even years after first hearing it.

Rusty B.: Are you guys DJs as well, if so what do you DJ with (ie Turntables, CDJs, Serato et al)?

[hopefully] live shows and what-not this summer
Tony: No, not yet. Hopefully we'll be getting our feet wet with live shows and what-not this summer. To be honest, the whole thing seems a bit daunting. We don't want to just hit "play" on a laptop, so we'll have to find a way to keep things interesting and more like a performance. We're both decent instrumentalists so undoubtedly we'll be flaunting those skills as well.

Rusty B.: Where did the name Dads on Display come from?

Tony: My brother was watching this episode of Kid Jeopardy and there was this one really bizarrely worded question: something along the lines of "during the summer months, dads are on display doing this." He made it a status on facebook and I just thought it was so weird that I jokingly made it the username for our soundcloud page. I feel like every artist says this about their name, but it "just sort of stuck." I realize that's a bit of a trite response.

Jonah, I noticed you have a side project that is more chill in nature. Can you let us know what that is about?

Jonah: Tony and I have been making music together for all of high school but have never officially collabed until now. Tony had his projects ranging from Mootz Music to Fuzzy Cuzzin while I just sat around and made weird hip hop beats. We both experimented with countless genres but now I think we can safely say everything is rooted in hip hop. That's where Jonah Baseball comes in. All the beats I make, some with the help and input of Tony, go up on my Jonah Baseball page. I have handfuls of unfinished beats with influences from Xaphoon Jones to Nujabes that will be finished, mastered, and posted in the months to come. Just gotta juggle school and beats. Stay posted!

What's The Dilly? by Jonah Baseball

Rusty B.: I see your new song "We Back For Real (Featuring Clair G)" is getting some real love, how did you link up with Clair G?

Tony: We got really lucky with that hook-up. Claire G heard our tune "Sofa Talk," and liked it so much that she threw a quick vocal-take over it and sent it to us over soundcloud. I was so impressed with her voice that I asked her if she would be interested in laying down a few verses on a new track of ours. Little did I know it would become so much more than just a few verses. She's a real joy to work with and finished her part at speeds generally reserved for tachyons. In other words: damn quick!

Rusty B.: What are your plans for the future?

Tony: It's quite simple, really: Keep on cranking out the tunes and (hopefully) start playing live shows. We'd love to travel to space too. Looks wicked.

Rusty B.: Finally, when your in the DC area, what are your favorite places to eat at?

Tony: The Parkway Deli has always been a favorite of ours; it's a Jewish deli just off of East West and Sundale that has this insane mac and cheese. The Quarry House in Silver Spring is a bit of a best kept secret; it's this burger joint that's underground and has no windows, making it really dark and consequently giving it a great atmosphere. The place doesn't even have a sign, and yet it gets packed in there. Half-off burger night is Monday, so I'd definitely hit it up then. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me that the reason they're half off is because they're a few days old and have been dropped on the floor. When I'm feeling particularly classy I hit up 7-11 $1.99 for a bag of mini-donuts? I mean come on.

Jonah: Yeah. The Deli has always been a crucial staple of our diet. I also thoroughly enjoy Thai food. Silver Spring Thai is killer. The DC's classic Ben's Chili Bowl always does me well too. I love food. I'm a huge foodie. Always have been, always will be.


We Back For Real (Ft. Claire G) by Dads On Display

Get It Started by Dads On Display

Straight Goonin' by Dads On Display

What It Do by Dads On Display

Thursday, March 1, 2012

AGFA "Surviving the Golden Age" DJ MIX

Hello, the AGFA have a new exclusive mix out that you might dig. Stepping away from the deep mixes they come at you with a Banger of a mix. Going from Ghetto-Funk to filter disco and ending with some Hip House style breaks. Below the soundcloud link is a link to where you can download the mix.


DL from here

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cantinabend "Workin" Free DL

Cantinabend drops a filter boogie gem that I have been sitting on for a while, it's got a great groove and I love the way he works the sample. There is a free download link below the soundcloud player.

Cantinabend - Workin by Cantinabend


Thursday, February 23, 2012

AGFA and Fort Knox Five with Thunderball TOUR

Super stoked for this..


MARCH 9th (Without Thunderball)
Pink Garter Theater
50 West Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001

MARCH 10th (Without Thunderball)
Zebra Cocktail Lounge
321 East Main Street
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 585-8851‎

MARCH 15th
Samana Lounge
228 Bridge Street
Vail, CO 81657
(970) 476-3433‎

MARCH 16th
Cervantes Other Side
2637 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 297-1772‎

MARCH 17th
Abbey Theater
128 East College Drive
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 385-1711‎

MARCH 20th
Three Twenty South
320 S. Main Street
Breckenridge, CO 80424

MARCH 21th
1209 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 429-8070‎

MARCH 22nd
HopMonk Tavern
230 Petaluma Ave
Sebastopol, CA 95472-4222
(707) 829-7300‎

MARCH 23rd
Arcata Theater
1036 G Street
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 822-1220‎

MARCH 24th (With Quantic & Alice Russell Live)
444 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 625-8880‎

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AGFA - Sound Plus Matter (Free Download)

We have a new EP coming out soon on Fort Knox Recordings, which will be followed by a Full album. We are giving away a free song below to celebrate the new release and introduce fans old and new to our deeper side. This was one of the first tracks where we wanted to go deeper with Synths and do something along the lines of Crazy P et al but with our own unique twist. The song didn't quite make the album cut, but it's very groovy and deep and perfect for those late night get downs.

All Good Funk Alliance - Sound Plus Matter by ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE
Get the file for free Here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Al Green "Lets Stay together" A-Skillz Remix DL for 24 Hours

A-Skillz drops his Al Green remix for free for 24 hours as a Valentine gift to the world.. get it
With you "Al Green- Lets Stay together" Remix by A.Skillz

Tensnake "Coma Cat" Stanton Warriors Re Bump

When Tensnake dropped Coma Cat a while back Frank and I were smitten, then we found out it was a sample from Anthony & the Camp "What I Like", which tainted the water a bit but still made the version Tensnake did pretty cool. Anyway, the Stanton Warriors have taken the sample and brought it Rave Level 9. More breaks, more BPM, and more oooomphh.

Coma Cat - Stanton Warriors Re Bump by Stanton Warriors

Original Coma Cat

Tensnake: Coma Cat from The Music Network on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trouble Funk Feat Kurtis Blow - Im Chillin (Morlack RE-BEEF) Free DL

We have an EP in the works from Morlack, which will feature a really great Go-Go edit and 2 funk monsters and a future go-go remix from Rockmaster Rus B. To celebrate this announcement Morlack has slipped us this re-beef of "Im chillin" which is nothing ground-breaking, but just a nice hard beat under the original to make it sound a bit more updated for the new club set.

Trouble Funk Feat Kurtis Blow - Im Chillin (Morlack RE-BEEF) Free DL

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mr Jelly "Herb" Cult Music Free Limited Time Download

Mr. Jelly (AKA Totalcult) has decided to give away his re-rub of Herbie Hancock called simply "Herb" for free. I loved the song so much I used it to open our mix Jupiter A.M Gold dj mix. Anyway, the whole release is pure class and I have been recently playing out "Vibe Together" as I love the way it bumps. Grab the download below and then check out the whole release as it quite worth checking out.

Mr Jelly "Edit To The Nation"

Mr Jelly - Falling In Dub
Mr Jelly - Feel It
Mr Jelly - Vibe Together
Mr Jelly - Herb

Buy here

The fifth release on Cult Music sees disco freak Mr Jelly getting his tapes in a loop with a series of deeply groovy disco and space funk edits. From the sleazy synth vibes of 'Falling In Dub' to the epic slo-mo chug of the Herbie Hancock-sampling 'Herb', this is quality product for discerning dancefloors.

Mr Jelly "Herb" Limited Time Download

Super Bonus a dj Mix from Mr Jelly

Promo mix

Thursday, January 12, 2012

B-Team "You Wild Returns" Super Hi-Fi Free DL

Super Hi-Fi our little breakbeat house label has a new release, it features remixes from Trotter and Neighbour and was released this week. You can download an exclusive edit of the Neighbour remix right here

Make sure you like our Super Hi-Fi page and drop some comments if you dig it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

American Style Cardboard

Our Dude Delay dropped this album with Godforbid recently, just as expected the Doc doesn't disappoint. The beats a crisp and Godforbid drops some nice story telling style lyrics all over em. I liked Bit of A Drag the best, just check the scratches at the end. ILL, you can cop the whole thing over at his Bandcamp jump off below

Buy Here