Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP Turntable Lab Review

"This party breaks record has been a #1 seller in overseas record shops and finally hits stateside. The Lenny Kravitz "Always On The Run" mix(1) (fortified with samples of Funky Drummer, Deja Vu, Gangster Boogie, Fatman Scoop, and even a dubstep bassline) is the big one on the a-side. The b-side "Sunshine Boogie(2)" is an instant classic party break (no exaggeration). Using The Jackson's "Blame It On The Boogie" and some perfectly timed Fatman Scoop shouts, this is guaranteed dancefloor devastation. To complete the trifecta, there's also an excellent Chaka Khan "I Feel For You(3)" party break. No brainer, highly recommended."

This is the second record on Baffin Island to get a nice review from the fine folks at Turntable Lab. Thanks hommies..

Oh and if you missed the Fort Knox Five and Kraak and Smaak show in DC, try to catch it while they are on tour. Great selection and visuals, both crews tore it up big time.. RESPECT for playing so many of our tunes as well..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance "Sock it to The Man" EP

More funked-out breakbeat goods from All Good Funk Alliance! The Sock It To The Man EP highlights two unique original AGFA tracks, each remixed by a super-star production outfit pulled from the Super Hi-Fi label's orbit. This set starts off with "Sock It to Ya!", a grooving, breakbeat jam supported by a fat, squelchy bassline with brass stabs and funky synth treatments. Kraak & Smaak turn up the heat with a fantastic peak-hour remix. On the flipside, AGFA serves up "Man With A Jam Plan" featuring the talented vocal gymnastics of Australia's Rubber Johnson. It's a full on "party track" made even more explosive with a remix by Washington DC's Fort Knox Five. Unbridled dancefloor mayhem shall ensue! C

Sorry can't post any MP3's yet, but will post previews..soon..

If your the DC area, I suggest checking out Fort Knox Five & Kraak and Smaak at the 9:30 club tonight...starting late 11pm

Monday, October 12, 2009

Neighbour & Think Tank "Night Owl" EP OUT NOW

Finally after some false starts, and set backs we finally see the "Night Owl" record out early via JUNO. The vinyl finally got pressed and will be available soon, but for now support the download and hold on for some serious remixes from B-Team, Maelstrom, Sloppy, Dimitri Max and Kid Gusto.

You can download the EP from here

"Night Owl is the track. Early rap skills in the vocals and very disco-boogie instrumental but with a sXXI production. The Block Party Era is back!"
Calagad 13 (FRESH KINGDOM / MZEE / FU)

"Great EP. Really diggin the 'Night Owl' tune"
Nick Thayer (Australia)

"Great return from Neighbour! Broken beat, electro funk, dubstep, breaks! what more can you want in a record?
Featurecast (Southampton, UK)

"Supa d.o.p.e.!"
Ursula 1000 (ESL, NY)

"Killer beatsmith and dope mc bring the funk yo!"
Parker (Good Groove)

"Neighbour deliverers the chunky disco sound once again, this guy is an unstoppable!"
Slynk (Good Groove)

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Wicked Lester "Come On" on Homebreakin

Stoked to see Wicked Lester coming out with a record on Homebreakin. The EP is called "Come On", and it's signature Wicked lester.. Just check out the links..

"Made up of musician/producer and all around workhorse Brian Carson and prominent West Coast DJ /producer/David Hasslehoff look alike, Scott Arkwell AKA DJ Vinyl Ritchie." Wicked Lester write some interesting music, I've heard them do everything from straight up dance-hall and hip-hop to electro-pop. Seriously these cats do damage to whatever genre they feel like steppin too.

Check em out>>>

Wicked Lester-Come On by Homebreakin Records

Wicked Lester-I Go Now by Homebreakin Records

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The House side of All Good Funk Alliance

If you were to buy an All Good Funk Alliance record back in 2002 you would have thought we only produced house music. But, we actually wrote down-tempo and breaks as well. We would send out full demos and labels would come back and tell us they were only interested in our house music production. This eventually lead to us starting our own labels and pushing a blend of house and breaks that came to called nu-funk or mid-tempo.

One of our last "House" releases as All Good Funk Alliance came from Aroma in the form of "Party over here" and you can hear the funky elements and the traces of our future sound from this particular song. We also put it out on our first Funk Weapons EP, since we thought it defined where we were going at the time.

Well anyway, Aroma put out a ten year anniversary release a while back and Swirl People did a remix of our classic jam.. It's interesting to hear those old sounds used in a different context and I think they did a nice job. Check it out and seek out the original "Party over here" if you get a chance.

AGFA "Party Over Here" Swirl People Dub

Friday, October 2, 2009

AGFA "Sock it to ya" B-Team Remix

Super Hi-Fi is dropping the "Sock it to Ya"/"Man with a Jam Plan" EP soon, and will be dropping EPs with remixes of each respective song with some great producers in tow to do the remixes. We thought we would share the new remix of "Sock it to Ya" which Frank just finished under the B-Team guise.

"First time I remixed one of my own songs. Thought I would try something different with the triple time. Originally the whole track was triple time but that turned out to be impossible for DJ's to mix, so now the beginning and end are normal time."

Check it here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nutshell Soft Rock Re-Edit

I bought this record for a $1 at a flea market in Oklahoma a couple of years ago, something about Christan soft rock and the cool cover art made me buy it. Of course most of it was horrible, but in a mellow way. This one song had a really cool vibe to it, but they just kept going places on the song that really cheesed it out, so I decided to make it a little diddy. I did the whole edit in Sound Forge in about an hour just mucking about and originally I had a lot more phrases but decided to just play with a few. Anyway, this goes out to the soft rock massive.

Nutshell-Idrovemycar-RB Re-edit by funkweapons