Saturday, January 30, 2010

A wolf in synth clothing

Neighbour is getting ready to drop his Canine Pleasures EP on the world. Full of his signature future-boogie sound bombs, this time with a bit more house flavor than his previous releases. I like "Ladies Fellaz" for it's dirty dirty bass and big room style, but "Close to Mine" has my heart with it's straight up funky riffs and skanky bass-line.

Check the EP here via the homebreakin web site

buy at Juno Download

Neighbour and I go way back, he is a good friend and an incredible talent. I hope this EP does well for him, he certainly deserves to be blowing up.

Included below is a remix he did for us on our Debtonate release. Ch-Ch-Check it

Debtonate "Human Race" Neighbour Remix

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Good Funk Alliance Good Groove Podcast

Our good pals over at Good Groove asked us for a mix recently and they just posted it up. It was fun to make a breaks mix, and I think Frank really enjoyed pulling out those old tunes again. We hope you enjoy it, Badboe also did the mini-mix which is pretty tight.

A little about our history with Good Groove. Slim whom runs the label and also does the artwork also did the design for our Social Comment album and all the artwork for the Super Hi-Fi label. Frank has done some mastering for them, and we have worked with Featurecast, Tal, Sticky Budz, The Breakbeat Junkie, and Dj P from the label. So it's a cool relationship we have with Slim and his label. We enjoy hearing what they do, and it's cool they still love us enough to ask for a podcast.

Take care and we hope you enjoy it. Much Respect

AGFA GoodGroove Podcast

Toto "Africa"

Toto's "Africa" brings back memories of driving around in my mom's Datsun during the hot summer as a kid, listening to AM radio since we lived so far in the boon-docks that FM radio was hard to get. I had kinda forgotten about this song until a few years ago when my boy Neighbour remixed it, Baltimore style. Since then I have been collecting soft rock re-edits and this awesome re-edit from Andrew Clarke really hit home for me. I love playing these types of edits and dropping the original in there somewhere and just mixing about.

Toto "Africa" AC Re-Edit

Nice Slice aka Neighbour "Hands Up for Africa"
Video by Video Killer JB

Neighbour's "Hands Up for Africa" was the inspiration behind me starting the Baffin Island label, and the reason I made a Baltimore version of Midnight Starr.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funkin’ 4 Haiti

Fort Knox Recordings & Bliss Pop
team up for a benefit to support the relief efforts in Haiti

Fort Knox Recordings and Blisspop have teamed up to present a line-up of epic proportions for a very special benefit event, “Funkin’ 4 Haiti.” DC’s Finest EDM Producers & DJs have all dedicated time from their busy touring schedules to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Performing at “Funkin’ 4 Haiti” will be DC’s own globetrotting talent NADASTROM, FORT KNOX FIVE, JOE NICE, WILL EASTMAN and STYLUS CHRIS. This line-up of A-List dj’s will help the event raise thousands of dollars for the International Red Cross.

“Funkin’ 4 Haiti” will take place on Sunday January 24th, 2010 from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM at Modern in Georgetown. Modern has generously agreed to donate a portion of the bar sales from the evening. Modern is located at 3287 M St NW. A minimum donation of $10 will be collected at the door, patrons will be encouraged to donate more. 100% of the door proceeds from this event will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross. This is going to be a real party with a purpose!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Your Boy Rockmaster Rus B will be djing at The Dig this weekend, might have Franky poo with me..

Trinidad & Tobago Association
5123 Georgia Ave NW DC
Washington, DC

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soft Rock Re-Edits Vol. 1

"Soft rock (also referred to as mellow rock, light rock, or easy rock) is a style of music which uses the techniques of rock and roll (often combined with elements from folk rock and singer-songwriter pop) to compose a softer, more toned-down sound for listening. Soft rock songs generally tend to focus on themes like love, everyday life and relationships. The genre tends to make heavy use of acoustic guitars, pianos, synthesizers and sometimes saxophones. The electric guitars in soft rock are normally faint and high-pitched."

Soft Rock Re-Edits Vol. 1

White Town "Your Woman" Rockmaster Rus B Re-Edit
Geggy Tah "Whoever You Are" Rockmaster Rus B Re-Edit
Sugar Ray "Someday" WD Re-Edit
Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)" Culture Shock Re-edit

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mike 2600 "Ready to Rock" EP

A couple of weeks ago I ran across this blog CrossFaded Bacon and found this really dope EP from Mike 2600. I had heard of dude from the Soul Strut forum and his awesome artwork and I had heard some mixes before and wasen't all that impressed with them, but I hadn't heard his production yet so I thought I would give it a listen. After I downloaded the song and checked it out I was really impressed, "Gigolo Rhythm" reminds me of Dj Day's "Gone Bad" or something from A.S.S. back catalog. I went and downloaded the whole EP and I like how it is kinda Old School and he uses some really unique samples. I haven't been finding a lot of breaks recently that excited me and this finally made me want to seek them out again. I also included my re-edit "Rumble", and remember to seek out the whole EP, it's well worth your time.

Mike 2600 "Gigolo Rhythm" (320 Mediafire)

Mike 2600 "Rumble" (Rockmaster Rus B Edit)

Check out his myspace

"Starting off as a college radio DJ in St. Louis, Mike learned his way around a pair of turntables and began building his record collection, spinning at parties on campus and around the city. In 1999, he released "Yars' Revenge," a 4-track mixtape of funk breaks, scratch routines, and Black Sabbath and Sesame Street samples.

In the years to follow, Mike linked up with Doug Surreal, Bitch Ass Darius, and other St. Louis DJs to form the Litterthugz crew, with whom he spun at clubs, parties, and DJ battles around the Midwest, was twice nominated as St. Louis' best hip hop DJ, and released the T.A.B.L.A.M.F.C.B. 12", a barrage of cut-and-paste jeep beats, as well as a slew of acclaimed mix CDs including the funk and psychedelic workout "Heavy Session."

Now residing in Minneapolis, Mike can be found cutting up funk, disco, classic hip hop, oldies, Miami Bass, and '80s rock and R&B at parties and clubs around town, opening up for acts such as Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, The Rub, Spankrock, Atmosphere, DJ Steinski, and Prince Paul."