Monday, December 14, 2009

Rusty's Top Ten for 2009

Hey Rusty B here with my top ten for 2009. As you can see this year I kind of got away from the funky bass and break-beat sound I'm known for and I've grown more fond of synths and disco drums. I'll blame it on the boogie and Neighbour. Anyway, I would like to thank all those whom send me music and support the music we make and release, much respect

1. Phoenix: "Lisztomania" (Alex Metric Remix)
Recently I was at a dinner party and a friend was playing Phoenix in the background, something about the singers voice really moved me even at a low background volume. When I got home I downloaded a couple of songs and I liked everything but being dj minded I wanted something I could play out. This was the first remix I found and I feel like Alex Metric took the song in a great direction, he took it to the disco which could have went really bad but it works oh so well.

2. Miami Horror “Don't Be On With Her” (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Treasure Fingers kills it on this remix, he takes the already cool Miami Horror song and somehow makes it danceable and emotional at the same time. I love the synth work and attention to the little details on the remix, he keeps the best parts of the song intact while stretching out bits and just making it a perfect club track.

3. Arcadion “Torque”.
Arcadion is amazing, first off the name Arcadion reminds me of Arcade Funk which I believe was Trouble Funk's more electro based alias. He did a song last year called Ghost Feeder which is basically old school go-go mixed with some seriously inventive synth work. He works that same charm on “Torque”, but takes it on a bigger journey this time around.

4. Featurecast “On the Run”
Even though this is on my own label, I have to rep this song. Lee is a good friend, but boy can the guy write some mean tunes. Here he takes a gang of samples and makes them compliment each other in really interesting ways and then adds some of his own wobble and harder beats and the whole thing turns out like a mini-masterpiece.

5. Ting Tings “Shut up and Let me Go”
I know this song is from 2008, but it's pretty new to me. Frank sent this to me one afternoon, and I instantly liked it. We have a remix from Risk One which keeps the song pretty much intact but he speeds it up and adds some bits here and there. It reminds me of something you would have heard in the 80's, like a shallower Tom Tom club.

6. Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl”
Neighbour is a beast, Frank and I play and hype this dude constantly. This song sounds like something Sugar Hill Records or any classic hip hop label would have dropped in the early 80's. Feel good raps, disco boogie beats but updated and re-freaked by Neighbour's deep synth work.

7. Maelstrom “The Beat Police” (Is This House Remix)
I had to have at least one banger in my top ten, Maelstrom killed it on this song. I edited it for maximum impact, and have seen this song just destroy the right parties. Great wobble bass + cool breaks + party raps + interesting breakdowns = awesome song.

8. Miike Snow “Animal” (Fake Blood Remix)
Miike Snow is dope and Fake Blood is insane, I was almost afraid to hear what Fake Blood was going to do to this song but he nailed it on this remix, keeping the great parts of the song intact but making it super clubby and dare I say emotional as well. Something about that mixture of emotion and disco has really found it's way into my crate this year.

9. The Glimmers “Physical”
Only The Glimmers could have covered a crappy song like “Lets get Physical” by Oliva Newton John, and make it cool again. The bassline is just butter and rides all the way through the track, and then they have a guy sing the lyrics and it doesn't sound ultra lame. I love playing this song and watching people sing the “let me see your body talk” parts and they don't know why they know this song.

10. San Serac “Dub Tatics”
This song is from 2007, but it sounds like it could have been recorded in 1982. I found out about San Serac from his new song “Night Works”, and I dug into his back catalog and was amazed by his earlier works. Dub Tatics is a dubbed out version of his song “Love Tatics”, and he kills it with some great synth work, cool 80's drums and a big cool breakdown with a breakbeat.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Artwork for Neighbour & Think Tank EP

We had issues with our first art for the release which set us back 2 months, I had Marley bang up this design for the wax release and it came out nice. The digital release will still have the OG artwork from the Doc. We were told that this artwork is good to go and the vinyl is finally being pressed.

I'm so stoked that we can finally move on, next up we have the remixes from the EP and a new EP from Mash & Munkee in the works. Keep your eyes peeled.

Revenge of the Terds

Really feeling this record from my buddy Tal over at Aniligital Music. They released an EP of songs from the classic movie Revenge of the Nerds but remixed. Our favorite remix has to be The Rubinoos' "Breakdown" from The Breakbeat Junkie, it rides that fine line of being super cheesy and super cool but lands on the side of cool for sure. It's limited and on wax only at this point, get your nerd on and pick it up.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Download for "Day Raving for B-Boys"

All Good Funk Alliance “Day Raving for B-Boys”
TOMBEE “Godfathers” (Black_Grass_remix)
Featurecast “On the Run”
A-Skillz & Nick Thayer “Booty Snax”
Nick Thayer vs Will Styles “Party People”
Nick Thayer & Agent 86 “Downside Up”
Nick Thayer & Dj Yoda “Bonkers Banger”
Featurecast “Stick Em Up”
Choclair “The Essence” (Rockmaster Rus B remix)
Audited Beats “Freakhop Part 3”
Kool Hertz “Summervibe”
? “Let’s Funk”
? “Boogie Rap”
Normski_Vs_Audited_Beats “GoodGroove”
Thomas Z “Good Times”
Soupasoul “Get on Up”

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fort Knox Five "Bhangra Panch" Feat Beta G (AGFA)

Fort Knox Five "Bhangra Panch" Feat Beta G (AGFA REMIX)

We finished up our remix of Fort Knox Five, and I banged up this cheapo video for it. We really like how the remix came out, not sure how to really define it genre wise but it works. Beta G did the vocals and is a local DC dj and party promoter, Fort Knox Five really need no introduction.


Monday, November 30, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance djing December 5th at 18th Street Lounge

If your in the DC area December 5th, please come check us out. We will be dropping tons of new material, and re-edits. Expect us to get into that disco-boogie groove and warm it up as the night get darker.

Friday, November 27, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance " 12-09" Top 10

1 Featurecast - Run For Cover - Baffin Island Beat Brigade
2 All Good Funk Alliance - Man with a Jam Plan - Super Hi-Fi
3 All Good Funk Alliance - NY Funk Fort Knox Five Remix - Funk Weapons
4 Radio Trip - Computers Singing Mark Funk AlfoMegaMix - Jalapeno
5 Hawke - Everything is Happening at the Same Time - Eighth Dimension
6 Daz I Kue & Soulparlor Pres Stan Steam - Cmon Rock - Om Records
7 Sygaire & Defcon Featuring Capitol A - The Latest Boogie Mix - Om Records
8 Chris Quadrant - Old Skool Junkie - Funky Mansion
9 Ed Royal Feat. BadKat & Lady Daisey - Hip Hop to Funk Nick Fonkyson Remix -Innvision
10 Red Rack Presents Hot Coins - Whole New Way - Tirk

Neighbour & Think Tank DELAYED

Sorry the new EP is still being delayed due to an issue with the artwork, we are sorting it out. For now you can download the EP at Juno

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance "Day Raving for B-Boys" DJ MIX

All Good Funk Alliance "Day Raving for B-Boys" DJ MIX  by  SHF Music

All Good Funk Alliance “Day Raving for B-Boys”

TOMBEE “Godfathers” (Black_Grass_remix)
Featurecast “On the Run”
A-Skillz & Nick Thayer “Booty Snax”
Nick Thayer vs Will Styles “Party People”
Nick Thayer & Agent 86 “Downside Up”
Nick Thayer & Dj Yoda “Bonkers Banger”
Featurecast “Stick Em Up”
Choclair “The Essence” (Rockmaster Rus B remix)
Audited Beats “Freakhop Part 3”
Kool Hertz “Summervibe”
? “Let’s Funk”
? “Boogie Rap”
Normski_Vs_Audited_Beats “GoodGroove”
Thomas Z “Good Times”
Soupasoul “Get on Up”

All Good Funk Alliance "Day Raving for B-Boys" DJ MIX by SHF Music

All Good Funk Alliance "Day Raving for B-Boys" DJ MIX  by  SHF Music

All Good Funk Alliance “Day Raving for B-Boys”
TOMBEE “Godfathers” (Black_Grass_remix)
Featurecast “On the Run”
A-Skillz & Nick Thayer “Booty Snax”
Nick Thayer vs Will Styles “Party People”
Nick Thayer & Agent 86 “Downside Up”
Nick Thayer & Dj Yoda “Bonkers Banger”
Featurecast “Stick Em Up”
Choclair “The Essence” (Rockmaster Rus B remix)
Audited Beats “Freakhop Part 3”
Kool Hertz “Summervibe”
? “Let’s Funk”
? “Boogie Rap”
Normski_Vs_Audited_Beats “GoodGroove”
Thomas Z “Good Times”
Soupasoul “Get on Up”

Monday, November 16, 2009

Domu Quits

"I have so many people to thank for all the personal and professional support they have given me over the years, but I shall do that personally in time. But I want to thank everyone who has bought a song, paid an entrance fee, had a dance or just come up and spoke to me about life, music, the world or whatever" DOMU

Repost from Dj Day's blog

I can't say I haven't felt that way over the years and Domu is way more successful than I am. I love making music, djing and listening to new sounds. I really feel like it's not about how successful you are, it's the fact that you did something regardless of it's measured value. You have such a short time here on earth, and so much of it is wasted on the necessary steps like driving, working, shopping, etc. Those moments are so useless sometimes, it's in art that you get to create something that is beyond you in a way. Once you put it out, it's not going away easy. It might be "lost" in a bigger and bigger sea as technology provides unending ways to show, collect, and save. But, that one thing can help someone one day in that time of need or moment of bliss. Music still gives me goosebumps when done right, as long as that continues I'll always make sure we produce and release music.

I want to personally thank everyone for the support and love that we have received over the years.. much respect..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quincy and Sorcerer

So having a baby is rough work, but well worth it.

Quincy was born 11-11-09 and is the newest member of the Funk Weapons Family.

We are chillin this morning to this awesome Sorcerer mix..

Monday, November 9, 2009


Sorry, for the lack of communication recently. We have a baby on the way and been working on remixes left and right. We just finished a remix for Fort Knox Five, and working on a couple of others. We also got some new music in the works which is pretty exciting stuff. I'll post up a link to check out the FK5 remix as soon as I can. In the meantime lets prop Featurecast for his Grandmaster Cast EP being number one in the breakbeat charts on

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP Turntable Lab Review

"This party breaks record has been a #1 seller in overseas record shops and finally hits stateside. The Lenny Kravitz "Always On The Run" mix(1) (fortified with samples of Funky Drummer, Deja Vu, Gangster Boogie, Fatman Scoop, and even a dubstep bassline) is the big one on the a-side. The b-side "Sunshine Boogie(2)" is an instant classic party break (no exaggeration). Using The Jackson's "Blame It On The Boogie" and some perfectly timed Fatman Scoop shouts, this is guaranteed dancefloor devastation. To complete the trifecta, there's also an excellent Chaka Khan "I Feel For You(3)" party break. No brainer, highly recommended."

This is the second record on Baffin Island to get a nice review from the fine folks at Turntable Lab. Thanks hommies..

Oh and if you missed the Fort Knox Five and Kraak and Smaak show in DC, try to catch it while they are on tour. Great selection and visuals, both crews tore it up big time.. RESPECT for playing so many of our tunes as well..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance "Sock it to The Man" EP

More funked-out breakbeat goods from All Good Funk Alliance! The Sock It To The Man EP highlights two unique original AGFA tracks, each remixed by a super-star production outfit pulled from the Super Hi-Fi label's orbit. This set starts off with "Sock It to Ya!", a grooving, breakbeat jam supported by a fat, squelchy bassline with brass stabs and funky synth treatments. Kraak & Smaak turn up the heat with a fantastic peak-hour remix. On the flipside, AGFA serves up "Man With A Jam Plan" featuring the talented vocal gymnastics of Australia's Rubber Johnson. It's a full on "party track" made even more explosive with a remix by Washington DC's Fort Knox Five. Unbridled dancefloor mayhem shall ensue! C

Sorry can't post any MP3's yet, but will post previews..soon..

If your the DC area, I suggest checking out Fort Knox Five & Kraak and Smaak at the 9:30 club tonight...starting late 11pm

Monday, October 12, 2009

Neighbour & Think Tank "Night Owl" EP OUT NOW

Finally after some false starts, and set backs we finally see the "Night Owl" record out early via JUNO. The vinyl finally got pressed and will be available soon, but for now support the download and hold on for some serious remixes from B-Team, Maelstrom, Sloppy, Dimitri Max and Kid Gusto.

You can download the EP from here

"Night Owl is the track. Early rap skills in the vocals and very disco-boogie instrumental but with a sXXI production. The Block Party Era is back!"
Calagad 13 (FRESH KINGDOM / MZEE / FU)

"Great EP. Really diggin the 'Night Owl' tune"
Nick Thayer (Australia)

"Great return from Neighbour! Broken beat, electro funk, dubstep, breaks! what more can you want in a record?
Featurecast (Southampton, UK)

"Supa d.o.p.e.!"
Ursula 1000 (ESL, NY)

"Killer beatsmith and dope mc bring the funk yo!"
Parker (Good Groove)

"Neighbour deliverers the chunky disco sound once again, this guy is an unstoppable!"
Slynk (Good Groove)

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Wicked Lester "Come On" on Homebreakin

Stoked to see Wicked Lester coming out with a record on Homebreakin. The EP is called "Come On", and it's signature Wicked lester.. Just check out the links..

"Made up of musician/producer and all around workhorse Brian Carson and prominent West Coast DJ /producer/David Hasslehoff look alike, Scott Arkwell AKA DJ Vinyl Ritchie." Wicked Lester write some interesting music, I've heard them do everything from straight up dance-hall and hip-hop to electro-pop. Seriously these cats do damage to whatever genre they feel like steppin too.

Check em out>>>

Wicked Lester-Come On by Homebreakin Records

Wicked Lester-I Go Now by Homebreakin Records

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The House side of All Good Funk Alliance

If you were to buy an All Good Funk Alliance record back in 2002 you would have thought we only produced house music. But, we actually wrote down-tempo and breaks as well. We would send out full demos and labels would come back and tell us they were only interested in our house music production. This eventually lead to us starting our own labels and pushing a blend of house and breaks that came to called nu-funk or mid-tempo.

One of our last "House" releases as All Good Funk Alliance came from Aroma in the form of "Party over here" and you can hear the funky elements and the traces of our future sound from this particular song. We also put it out on our first Funk Weapons EP, since we thought it defined where we were going at the time.

Well anyway, Aroma put out a ten year anniversary release a while back and Swirl People did a remix of our classic jam.. It's interesting to hear those old sounds used in a different context and I think they did a nice job. Check it out and seek out the original "Party over here" if you get a chance.

AGFA "Party Over Here" Swirl People Dub

Friday, October 2, 2009

AGFA "Sock it to ya" B-Team Remix

Super Hi-Fi is dropping the "Sock it to Ya"/"Man with a Jam Plan" EP soon, and will be dropping EPs with remixes of each respective song with some great producers in tow to do the remixes. We thought we would share the new remix of "Sock it to Ya" which Frank just finished under the B-Team guise.

"First time I remixed one of my own songs. Thought I would try something different with the triple time. Originally the whole track was triple time but that turned out to be impossible for DJ's to mix, so now the beginning and end are normal time."

Check it here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nutshell Soft Rock Re-Edit

I bought this record for a $1 at a flea market in Oklahoma a couple of years ago, something about Christan soft rock and the cool cover art made me buy it. Of course most of it was horrible, but in a mellow way. This one song had a really cool vibe to it, but they just kept going places on the song that really cheesed it out, so I decided to make it a little diddy. I did the whole edit in Sound Forge in about an hour just mucking about and originally I had a lot more phrases but decided to just play with a few. Anyway, this goes out to the soft rock massive.

Nutshell-Idrovemycar-RB Re-edit by funkweapons

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NEWS (Update from the studio)

The All Good Funk Alliance is currently working on several remixes, look out for The Cherry Boppers and Fort Knox Five remixes this year. The Super Hi-Fi release of "Man with a Jam Plan" & "Sock it to Ya" is now at the distros being pressed and all that and should be coming your way soon followed by robust remix packages.

Right now you can purchase the Sleeve and Friction remixes of some songs from the AGFA LP Social Comment via Amazon or your better digital distro. The Neighbour & Think Tank release should have been out yesterday, but Kudos is slowly pushing that out to all the stores so we expect it to be a bit of a slow launch. The remixes for that are also coming from Maelstrom, Kid Gusto, B-Team, Dimitri Max and more. Check back here for updates on this release.

Monday, September 28, 2009

B-Team vs Missy E "Lick to Come Down"

This is a mashup using the Neighbourhood Romeo remix of "Took to Come Down" and Missy E's "Lick Shots", that I thought I would post up for those that might have missed it from back in the day. This was done back when this record was released back in June of 2007 as our first release on Super Hi-Fi. The whole idea behind B-Team and Super Hi-Fi was to release music that really married house with what we do with our Funk Weapons and AGFA sound. The original remix from Neighbourhood Romeo really had that cool indie rock disco sound that fit the vocals from Missy E perfectly. I've played this a million times and it never gets old or stale, even though the Missy vocal was used a billion times on several remixes, none of the other mashups really match this one IMO. So here it is... we hope you enjoy..

Download the file here

Friday, September 25, 2009

Neighbour & Think Tank LIVE Video

While we wait for the boys to finish up the album, here is a little teaser of what the Neighbour & Think Tank live show is all about. Neighbour uses 2 cdjs to rock his own songs, and a keyboard and a guitar in which he plays over them and sneaks in some bits and pieces of musical history to make the story complete. Think Tank just destroys the mic but he has that keen sense of when to rock and when to sit back and let the beat ride. We are super excited about the "Night Owl" EP, and it will be interesting to see how the whole album fits together. Musically it will be all over the place, Disco, Dub-Step, Down-Tempo, just all over the map. I really love how party rocking Think Tank is, yet he can deliver deep and thoughtful lyrics as well. These guys will be legends one day, I'm just glad they trust us enough to handle their music.


Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP OUT VIA JUNO UK

So happy to hear this is finally getting out, via distro at Groove.

Get it at Juno now here

Featurecast has put out some of best records in the funky breaks scene over the past couple of years and this record will mos def keep that tradition alive. Starting out with “Run for Cover” which fuses a Lenny K sample with some heavy JB type drums and everything but the kitchen sink into a heaving jam of a track. Stickybuds brings in that Nick Thayer, A-Skillz type sound on the remix and takes the song in a bit harder direction. On the flip Featurecast flips Jacko’s jam into a party breaks monster “Sunshine Boogie” complete with Fatman Scoop shout outs and all sorts of bits to make the song new again. Finally we round out the EP with “Feel for You (take it back)” which fuses the rap and horns from the Chaka classic with fresh beats and funky scratch bits to make for another party rocking bomb.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Groove Website Launches TODAY

Our good pals over at Good Groove have finally launched a proper website and it's really well put together and has a lot of cool content. We suggest getting over and checking out the excellent podcasts which are chock full of goodies and un-released cuts. In case you didn't know Slim whom runs Good Groove also did the artwork for our album Social Comment and well as all the artwork for the Super Hi-Fi label, in return Frank does mastering for them and we are one big happy family.

Check it here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Good Funk Alliance "Swing the South" Free Download

Back in 2006 we put this song out on AFA-FW4, it was the b side on the "Pete's Sake" release and was also was included on our first album "On the One". Last weekend I played an all vinyl gig and ended up pulling out this record and playing this song, and I kinda forgot how dope this song is. This was the first record in which we made some actual profit and I think it really help push us out into the world. I wish I could find the sales sheet to see what I said about the release at the time, but after much searching I couldnt find it. So anyway without further ado, here is a link to the Mp3

All Good Funk Alliance "Swing the South"


News and upcoming releases

So we have been doing a bit of work in the studio and finally some of this music is seeing the light of day. On Super Hi-Fi, we are releasing "Sock it To Ya" with a remix from Kraak and Smack (Jalapeno Records) and a brand new song which is a collab with Rubber Johnson out of OZ called "Man with a Jam Plan" with a remix by Fort Knox Five!!! The whole package is sick, and will be followed with a pack of remixes which will have something for everyone.

On the Funk Weapons tip we got the Neighbour & Think Tank "Night Owl" EP which has a remix from us (AGFA) dropping on September 29th, so look out for that. We are going to follow up that with remixes by Maelstrom, Dimitri Max, KidGusto, and B-Team. We also just dropped the Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1 digital only release so be sure to check that out.

Finally on the Baffin Island tip, we got an awesome EP from Featurecast "Grandmaster Cast" EP, coming out via Groove Dis very soon.

We have a mix on Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a new site for hosting dj mixes of all sorts, we put up our lil Podcast 2which received quite a few hits since we first posted it up earlier this year. It features a lot of un-released cuts and some rarer gems you might have forgotten about.

Check it here

Choclair "The Essence" Rockmaster Rus B Go Go Remix (Free Download)

For some time now I wanted to blend the sounds of Go Go with some banger-style synth bass, and came up with this. The drums are cut from EU ”Freeze” and Kurtis Blow’s ”Party Time” which Trouble Funk produced. The bassline and keys are all me, and the scratches are from DjP. Mad thanks to Frank for his mixdown and mastering skills and adding all those little bits to make it complete. I tested this track on a proper system and the whole place was shaking, so play at your own risk. Much respect to cats like Nick Thayer, A-Skillz, Sticky Buds, et al for pushing this tempo and flavor.

Rockmaster Rus B

Download link here

Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl” EP (Release Date 9-29-2009)

Neighbour and Think Tank have been working together for a couple of years now, really hitting their collective stride this year with a string of dope shows and a lot of great new music. Neighbour is the disco funk wonderkid from Calgary (now living in Vancouver) and has been honing his craft for the past couple of years with a bunch of great releases on his label Homebreakin. Think Tank an MC originally from Calgary also transplanted to Vancouver, has been working on music with Neighbour long enough to amass a sizable collection of dope songs. These three song were slated to come out on Homebreakin Recordings, but we decided that it might be fun to do a joint release and really show the world how much love there is between our two little labels. “Night Owl” the lead track is a throwback style disco rap track that just rocks out with some serious slap bass and disco space sounds, while Think Tank gets all old school on the mic. The All Good Funk Alliance provide the remix and take the track in a more breaks direction but still keep enough of that old school flavor to keep the party going. On the flip Think Tank drops some science over some dubby cranking synth bass on “Photo Synth”, one of the most interesting tracks that we have ever put out. And finally “Get Up” get all broken beat meets electro with Think Tank urging you to just get up, get up, get up…

Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl” EP

A-Side: Neighbour & Think Tank “Night Owl”; “Night Owl” (AGFA Remix)

B-Side: Neighbour & Think Tank “Photosynth” ; “Get Up”

All Good Funk Alliance "Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1" AFA-FW22 (Out Now)

All Good Funk Alliance "Social Comment Remixes Vol. 1" AFA-FW22


All Good Funk Alliance "Codeword for a Change" (Sleeve Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Direct Me" (Sleeve Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Direct Me" (Sleeve Remix) Instrumental
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction disco Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction funky Remix)
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction disco Remix) Instrumental
All Good Funk Alliance "Now Lately" (DJ Friction funky Remix) Instrumental

Funk Weapons is finally dropping these long awaited remixes that have been sitting in the vault for a long time. Sleeve whom is famous for his wonderful records on Freestyle did up 2 remixes for us, matching some jazzy and funky vibes perfectly with the vocals from Swamburger and Alexandrah. Germanys Dj Friction takes Swamburger and Alexandrah to the disco with his boogie and disco inspired remixes, perfect for those star filled nights on the dance-floor. We also provided the instrumentals to all the cuts but the Codeword remix for those whom might be inspired to rock their own blends and remixes.