Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 New Baffin Island relases coming soon

I have had these 2 records basically ready to go all Spring, but with all the weddings, day job and baby just didn't have time to focus on getting them out. Now we have full artwork from Marley, Frank mastered all the tunes and everything is ready to go. I will post up audio over the next week, and Groove Dist will be pressing and handling vinyl duties. The digital files will be up as soon as we get the vinyl out via all the good digital shops. Thanks to Badboe and Neighbour for such stellar work, and thanks to Marley for his awesome artwork.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Joe Jackson "Steppin Out" Simple Re-Edit

Sugar Ray is basically Joe Jackson for the 90's set, but I really feel like Joe Jackson had a shit load more soul in him than Sugar Ray could have ever dreamed of. In my quest to expand my soft rock edits collection, I decided to flip "Steppin Out" so that it was mixable. It took a while to find a decent copy, as most of the downloads were really lo-fi but I finally found this remastered version on Amazon of all places and it sounds really close to the vinyl version. Nothing crazy just extended intro and outro for your soft rock set.

Joe Jackson "Steppin Out" Simple Re-Edit

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turntable Lab review of "Night Owl Remix EP"

"Whoa! This remix collection is certainly a departure from Funk Weapons and Home Breakin's usual style. The labels are usually known for their quality disco funk and midtempo breaks releases, but here they reach out for the electro, rave, and dubstep set with a wide range of diverse remixes of Neighbour & Think Tank tracks off the Night Owl EP. Closest to the usual AGFA/Homebreakin' sound is the Zoe's Raygun mix of "Night Owl" that features a throwback sci-fi funk feel to it courtesy of Community Recordings' Jon Nezda. Highlights from the rest of the EP include a heavy dubstep version of "Get Up" from Kidgusto, the AGFA Rave Level 9 mix of "Photosynth" that'll make you break out the glowsticks, and a wonky bass version of "Photosynth" from Maelstrom Bass. 9 tracks total."

Thanks fella's, we are most def not going "rave" on our labels but it was fun to dip our toes in that glowing water. While we don't produce a lot of banging stuff, we certainly play it from time to time and it was cool to see these songs in a different light.

LINK TO 320 MP3 of Breakbeat Junkies remix here