Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Copycat "Fuel for the Fire EP" OUT NOW

Please go to Juno and pick up the new release from Copycat, dude has given a lot of free music out, please support this release..

buy here

Also his Public Enemy re-edit can be dled for free below..

Public Enemy – Public Enemy #1 (COPYCAT'S Slight Remix) by COPYCAT

Public Enemy – Public Enemy #1 (COPYCAT'S Slight Remix)


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Morlack "Where Do U Get Ur Funk From" Album

I have talked about Morlack before, as he did a really cool Go-Go remix recently that I was all over. He just sent over his new album and he has some really mean cuts on this thing. I thought Eternity and Semi Mash were the best cuts, I love the boogie samples on Eternity and the bass he adds really takes it up a notch.

Check out the album below and then be sure to grab his sweet Jane's Addiction remix below that.

Where Do U Get Ur Funk From_Album.teaser by morlack

Been Caught Stealing_Morlack Re-Beef by morlack

Monday, December 5, 2011

Benny Hinn dropping bombs on ya

I was checking out some tunes this weekend and ran across this lovely chap Benny Hinn doing some good work. Dude is giving away a ton of great tunes on his Soundcloud and could use some love. Please make sure you comment or like if you decide to download dudes tunes. Let's get dudes play counts going a bit.

"Benny Hinn (Daniel Robertson) began spinnin' vinyl back in 01' playing a range of phat funky house and some chunky big assed broken beatz for the masses... Although now only 31, the Hinns has played at some of the finer establishments, parties and festivals around Sydney, Wollongong and the Southcoast, gaining a rep az a bit of a party starter and one with some def skillz, finess and sheer artistry on a pair of 1200's."

Sugar Hill Gang - 8TH Wonder [Da Hinnz ClapYoHandz House Pardy ReWork] by BennyHinn

RUN DMC - Pied Pieper [Hinnz RunFasterDMC TouchUp] by BennyHinn

Jurrasic 5 - In The House [The Hinns Hyped Up, Brain Frozen, Big Poppa Large Doobie] by BennyHinn