Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lowman New Zealand Funk

After all the craziness in New Zealand I was thinking about this producer I know Lowman, whom lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Also known as Elton McAleer, Lowman is a sample based producer that I have been following for a while. His songs are sample based and I love the way he keeps his production so loose, raw and soulful. I found out about Lowman from his release with Sleeve on Freestyle Records a couple of years back. Back in the day when Myspace was going, he had an account and he would post these really well done tracks and edits. I downloaded 2 Stevie Wonder remixes from him back when he was posting songs on there that are just killer. I have been begging him for years to let me put em out, but it never worked out for whatever reason. Below I posted a link to his newest remix and mash-up he posted on Soundcloud. I suggest you dig up his past releases and dig for his mp3's online, you will thank me later.

Also wanted to say that I hope your well and your peeps are doing okay. Much Respect

Lowman - Lucien works it out by Lowmannz

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Neighbour & Think Tank "Photosynth" (Rockmaster Rus B Remix) 100 Free DL's

I have been getting asked about this Night Owl remixes release, I guess it slipped underneath some people's radar. Check it, it's a bit different flavor than what we normally release. I'm giving away 100 free downloads of my remix, but check the other remixes on there. The Zoe's Raygun remix is super dope.

Neighbour & Think Tank- Photosynth (Rock Master Rus B Remix) by funkweapons

Neighbour & Think Tank - Photosynth (AGFA Rave Level 9 remix) by funkweapons

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Featurecast "Sunshine Boogie" Videos

My boy John Bowen of Video Killers and Empresario's fame, did this first video for the release of Featurecasts record. We love it over here at Funk Weapons HQ. I also noticed some other cat made a little video for it as well, which is funny but not as good as the OG video JB did. Anyway, I'll post up a DL link for you video jocks if I get enough comments on this, otherwise enjoy.

video killers blend - grandmaster cast - sunshine - MJ R.I.P. from John Bowen on Vimeo.

TTLab review of Neighbour Ray Rock EP

"Neighbour takes a break from the disco funk stuff to drop a couple of hip house bombs on BIBB Records. The versatile Canadian producer applies his floor moving skills to an uncharacteristically electro-tinged sound kit on "Ray Rock(1)" and "Say Nothing(2)" complete with hype rap vocals. Definite party rocking material right here."

Hey thanks TTLab, appreciate the support hommies..

Buy Wax Here

Buy Digital here

Neighbour & Think Tank "Booty Crusade" Live Shambs 2010

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excision Datsik "Swagga" Neon Edit - AGFA Further Edit

Excision & Datsik - Swagga (Neons Curveball Edit) by NEONSTEVE

Neon Steve did a killer edit of Swagga, I loved the middle section which was 110bpm so I flipped it so that it starts and ends 110 with the dubstep in the middle.

Excision Datsik "Swagga" Neon Edit - AGFA Further Edit

Friday, February 11, 2011

Set off the Faith - Classic Hip Hop Downloads

Hope everyone has had a decent week, I have been just kinda hurt up all week from raving it up over the weekend, but I think I finally caught up on my sleep and I’m back in action. First off we have a remix of Big Daddy Kane’s “Set it Off” by Freqnik & WDRE, which is a nice updated take on this classic track. It could use a little re-edit to give you some mix in, but I’ll leave that up to you. Next up we got a re-edit of De La Soul’s “Keepin The Faith” by Touchsoul, whom add a nice long mix in intro and outro and retains the original in the middle. I loved De La Soul is dead, it was one of those albums that was on constant repeat on my walkman in high school along with Black Sheep, Public Enemy and Slick Rick. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend. Cheers to Touchsoul and Freqnik & WDRE for the tight music.
Set it Off Big Daddy Kane WDRE & Freqnik Funk Mix by Freqnik & WDRE
De La Soul - Keepin The Faith (Just A Touchsoul Edit) by touchsoul

De la soul “keepin the faith" (A Touchsoul Edit)

BONUS: A little house remix of SWV’s “hey-mr-dj” from Richie Kidd… cch chh cch check it
Hey Mr Dj -Richie Kidd & Floor Flusher Freebie..... by Richie Kidd

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toro y Moi's "Still Sound" Zig Zag House Mix Free Download

When I first heard Toro Y Moi's "Still Sound" I was an instant fan. His label held a remix contest and while I liked many of the remixes none of them really were any better than the original. I did really like this Zig Zag remix which kept all the elements and sped them up to house speed. Nothing groundbreaking, but then again why change it up when the original parts were so well done. Also below is a link to his new video for New Beat. His new album drops on February 22nd, you can stream the whole thing now at the Urban Outfiters blog.

Toro y Moi's "Still Sound" Zig Zag House Mix

Toro y Moi's "New Beat" Video

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Modern Soul with Alf Alpha

I thought I would inject a little bit of soul into the blog today. Producer, Alf Alpha djs and produces out of LA LA land in California, and his smooth and sunny vibe reminds me of Day and P.U.T.S., et al. In fact I found him randomly after he posted a comment on one of Dj Day’s songs. Figuring this dude must have good taste; I jumped over and checked his whole catalog. Within the first few seconds of the first song on his Soundcloud page “Circles” you hear what Alf Alpha is all about, smooth samples and tight beats. I also posted up “The Untold Story” which like Circles features the vocals of Gene Evaro Jr., whom has a really unique voice and delivery. Finally I posted up “Come with me” feat Rival, which is a great little disco boogie number, that isn’t all that deep but still elicits some head nodding. His album “Jump Wildly About” is really well done as well and it’s only $5 bucks off of Bandcamp, I highly suggest hooking that up. He also has a free album called “He pleys so Good”, which is okay, it’s more just beat sketches but hey it’s free so I won’t complain. So here you go, enjoy some fresh grooves courtesy of Alf Alpha and follow dude on face book and twitter he if he keeps this up he will be a lot bigger than the 400 or so followers he has now.
Circles (Goodbye) feat. Gene Evaro Jr. by Alf Alpha

The Untold Story feat. Gene Evaro Jr. by Alf Alpha

Come with Me feat. Rivel by Alf Alpha