Sunday, February 28, 2010

Set List from 2-27 at ESL

filename artist

Qdup_CosmicSoul_Final_PM1 - 4A or 3A - 104.mp3
Clayton & Fulcrum - Soul Fan - 4A - 105.mp3
BadboE_Booty_Of_A_Preacherman - 6A - 106.mp3 BadboE
Skee-Lo - I Wish (Slynk Remix) V2 - 8A or 6A - 107.mp3
Stick em Up - 8A or 7A - 107.mp3 Featurecast
Run for Cover - 9A - 107.mp3 Featurecast
Featurecast- Get It On The Floor - 12A.mp3 Featurecast
Where's My Money (Featurecast Re-Dub) H-D-H - 11A or 1A - 111.mp3 TC
ASKILLZ-TIP UP YOUR CUP - 4A - 110.mp3 A.Skillz
Basement Freaks- Hit The Flame - 9A - 112.mp3 Basement Freaks
Niko - Rock the discoteq - 8A - 112.mp3 Niko
03. Mike 2600 - Gigolo Rhythm - 7A - 112.mp3 Mike 2600
IlijaRudman_CallMeTonight_OriginalMix 7A or 6A - 112.mp3 Ilija Rudman
Siriusmo - Allthegirls [114] - 4A - 114.mp3 Siriusmo
David Rubato - Circuit (Siriusmo Remix) [115] - 5A - 115.mp3 David Rubato
BEN HORN-Moodytron (Ursula 1000 Remix) - 5A - 115.mp3
Neighbour feat. ThinkTank - Lando - 4A - 114.mp3
Featurecast-Bring The Noize-re-edit - 4A - 114.mp3
Hotstepper - Kool Hertz - 12A - 115.mp3 Kool Hertz
normski_vs_audited_beats-GoodGroove_mix_3 - 10A - 115.mp3
Take You Back - 9A or 12A - 115.mp3 The Breakbeat Junkie & DJP
Sleeve-Getiton - 9A or 10A - 118.mp3
delasoul-memyselfandi re-edit - 10A - 114.mp3
saturdays-disco - 10A or 6A - 115.mp3 De La Soul
Feeling Funky' - d'FUNK - 8A or 9A - 120.mp3 d*FUNK
A1 - Mash & Munkee - Work It Out M - 9A - 122.mp3
The Sounds - Beatbox - (Hey Champ Remix -Speed Hump Wash EDIT) - 9A - 122.mp3
-+Killa Queenz - Boyfriend (Dcup Remix)2 - 8A - 125.mp3
Funktransplant_WhatIsFunk_NeighbourRMX_Homebreakin - 7B or 4A - 125 - 8A or 7B - 125.mp3
Kris Menace & The Dream - Walking On Lightning (U-Tern Blend)-re-edit - 8B or 8A - 125.mp3
Scratch Massive- Shining In My Vein (Spirit Catcher Mix) - 2A or 7A - 124.mp3
humanleague_Dont you Want me Baby-morsymix - 8A - 125.mp3 The Human League
Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the 80's - 9B or 9A - 128.mp3 Calvin Harris
Ting Tings-Great-DJ-Calvin-Harris-remix - 9A or 8A - 128.mp3 The Ting Tings
dcup_-_style_hibeams_remix - 8A - 126.mp3 DCUP
Javier Morilla - Poozloop [125] - 9A - 125.mp3
Ursula 1000 - Rump (AGFA remix) M - 10A - 130.mp3
Yo Majesty- Club Action - 10A - 127.mp3 Yo! Majesty
San Serac - Dub Tactics - 11A or 10A - 128.mp3
Caligula - The Countdown - 12A - 126.mp3 Caligula
Mr Oizo-Cheetas-RB-Re-edit2 - 11A - 125.mp3
King T- Bass (IAMXL Remix) - 12A - 122.mp3 King T
Starks & Nacey - Summer Madness - 11A - 128.mp3 Starks & Nacey
30-Vibration__Stakes_Is_High_edit_ - 11A - 124.mp3 Sun Aphrotitie
B2 - Mash & Munkee - Make A Difference- Neighbour Remix M - 6A - 126.mp3
Duck-Sauce-Anyway-(Black-Noise-disco-mix) - 6A - 128.mp3 Duck Sauce **
dirty_funker-flat_beat_(tube_and_berger_remix) - 6A - 127.mp3 Dirty Funker

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All Good Funk Alliance featuring Rubber Johnson "Man With A Jam Plan" Remixes EP Coming Soon

*All Good Funk Alliance featuring Rubber Johnson "Man With A Jam Plan" Remixes EP*

The feel good tune "Man With A Jam Plan" was such a hit that we requested a couple of our good pals to do some remixes for us. First up, from the land of OZ and our co-writers of the original track, we've got the Rubber Johnson remix. These guys take the song and push up the BPM and intensity adding a well placed woobly bass line and lots of cool elements to take you to that next level. Next up we have a remix from our boys Discofari. Coming from the mountains of British Columbia, they turn in a really unique future boogie remix which is sure to turn some heads. Finally, we have a remix from Vancouver's own Right Hand Barber who impressed us with his remix of LMFAO's "Im in Miami Bitch". He takes the song to a harder, almost techno route, but maintains a bit of the funk from the original. This remix is sure to make the raving kids happy.

Below is a link to the Rubber Johnson Remix Radio Edit, check out Rubber Johnson here

All Good Funk Alliance featuring Rubber Johnson "Man With A Jam Plan" Rubber Johnson Radio Edit

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Treasure Fingers Dj MIX

Somehow I missed the fact that Treasure Fingers was in DC recently, I would have loved to go and I think I would have actually lifted my personal ban from Muse just to catch his set. Oh well, at least they recorded it.. oh and it sounds like he straight killed it.

Treasure Fingers - Live at Muse (District Ignition / Snatch Rewired) in Washington DC

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baffin Island BASE Jump

In 1976, stuntman Rick Sylvester performed a BASE jump off Mount_Asgard on Baffin Island for the opening sequence of the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, although the fictional setting was the Alps.

Mount Asgard on Baffin Island is in the last scene when the dude jumps off the cliff on his skis.