Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mash & Munkee - Get Loose

Our last Funk Weapons record from Mash and Munkee has been flying off the shelves, and now the boys have decided to give away an older tune they did. It's pure nu-funk without using trite samples, which I can respect. Not sure how many DL's they have left on Sound Cloud but I would get it now before its gone.

Mash & Munkee - Get Loose [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Mash & Munkee

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sard Boogie - Gonzales Ride (Senor Boogie Edit, Rockmaster Further Re-Edit)

I really dug Gonzales Ride, but I needed a nice beat to mix it in and out of, so I used one of Sard Boogie's other beats and inserted some little samples to make it interesting.

Sard Boogie - Gonzales Ride (Senor Boogie Edit, Rockmaster Further Re-Edit)*

You can hear the original here the whole song is really cool.

U-Tern Hip House 08

I first heard about U-Tern when he released a mix via Beat Street records called Body Work, where he busted out a bunch of old school boogie, proto-house and disco in a mega-mix style and he only used the best parts of each song. For me at the time it was really inspiring, as I was going out and and only buying those types of records. Anyway, that put U-Tern on my radar and he has only gotten better with time. He's actually really popular now, running his own radio show, dj nights, dropping original tunes and posting on http://onedaylater.blogspot.com/ from time to time. Seriously, I can't say enough about U-Tern, if you haven't I would mos def seek out some of his stuff.

Anyway, back on to my Hip House theme, U-Tern dropped this mix back in 2008, where he mixed hip hop vocals over old and new house records. I thought the whole mix really worked and I especially love the Outkast section. Below is a link to the mix, check it out and holla at me with any cool Hip House you think I should hear.

Dj U-Tern "Hip House 2008"

Frankie Knuckles vs Pimp C - Baby Wants To Ride
AC Slater vs Trick Daddy - Bassline Time
Soul Grabber vs Trick Daddy - Soul Grabber Pt. 3
Paul Johnson vs Rick Ross - She Got Me On
Franz N Shape vs Rick Ross - Angel Gate
Christian Alvarez vs MIA - Intergalactic Voyager
C-Mos vs T-Pain - 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix)
Bob Sinclair vs Rick Ross - Everybody Movin'
Sound Factory vs Pitbull - Understand This Groove
Paul Johnson vs Pitbull - Get Get Down
DJ Gregory vs Lil Wayne - Attend
Unknown DJ vs Lil Wayne - Bass Tronic
Voodoo Chilli vs Lil Wayne - Look What You've Done To Me
Rainer Weichhold vs MC Luscious - Bamboo
Pest vs MC Luscious - Pat Pong (Solid Groove Remix)
Kerri Chandler vs Rakim - Bar A Thym
Fred Falke vs Rakim - 8-08pm @ The Beach
Claude VonStroke vs Kool G Rap - The Whistler (Jesse Rose Mix)
The Martin Brothers vs Kool G Rap - Dum
Supermal vs Hotstylz - Bigger Than Big (Lifelike Remix)
The Juan Maclean vs Hotstylz - Happy House
The Juan Maclean vs Pack - Happy House
Soha vs Pack - Gardens
Da Sunlounge vs Ludacris - Do You Wanna
Claude VonStroke vs Ludacris - Whos Afraid Of Detroit
Shur-I-Kan vs Outkast - Vacated
Swirl People vs Outkast - Ride The Pony
Solid Groove & Sinden vs Iconz - Gotta Get Up
Kerri Chandler vs Iconz - Useless
Inland Knights vs Snoop Dogg - Not Crazy
Steve Silk Hurley vs Snoop Dogg - Jack Your Body
KC Flight vs Run DMC - Let's Get Jazzy
EDMX vs Run DMC - Whiskey Lima
Jump vs JVC Force - Funkatarium
Frankie Knuckles vs JVC Force - The Whistle Song
Aly-Us vs Kanye West - Follow Me
B-Capracara vs Kanye West - Flashback 86
I Cube vs Notorious BIG - Oblivion
A Guy Called Gerald vs Jay-Z - Voodoo Ray
Juergen Paape vs Jay-Z - So Weit Wie Noch Nie
Thomas Bangalter vs The Clipse - On Da Rocks

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Neighbour & Spiltmilk get all Hip House on us

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m pretty gay over Neighbour’s music, he is one of my best friends and probably one of the most prolific producers out there today. He has tackled almost every style with ease, even his dub-step track blew away a lot of the more famous UK stuff I had heard. Well yesterday I was dicking around on the inter-web and I found these two songs via his roommate Trevor Spilt Milk’s Sound Cloud page, apparently Trevor and Neighbour have been mucking about with some classic Hip House vocals and doing their own vintage instrumentals underneath them and I really think they sound good. I can feel the love and care that went into these, and I’m sure you will too. “Stupid Fresh” is my favorite one out of the two just because of that ill bass sound that Neighbour seems to churn out with ease. Check em out and drop these boys some comments and love, they deserve it.

Neighbour and Spiltmilk - Homeboys
Free Download
Neighbour and Spiltmilk - Stupid Fresh
Free Download

Neighbour & Spilt Milk - Stupid Fresh by djspiltmilk

Neighbour & Spiltmilk - Home Boys Only - Booty Booty Remix by djspiltmilk

Oh and full disclosure, Trevor did the video for our song SlingShot Boogie which you should check out if you haven’t already.

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Pimpsoul & DJP Remix)

Duck Sauce which is the brain-child of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden, really blew up last year with the song "Anyway". This year they did it again with this Barbara Streisand track, which I have been hearing everywhere. Anyway, my hommies Pimpsoul and P decided to remix the track into some nu-funk and I think they really churned out an interesting take on the song. See the link below as they are now offering it as a free download. Also, if you dig this remix I suggest finding DjP's remix of "Anyway" called "Juicyway", which came out on a stellar 7" from Bureau45 last year.

If you don't know who Pimpsoul or DjP are I highly suggest looking both these cats up, they produce and remix some really funky stuff.

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (Pimpsoul & DJP Remix) by Pimpsoul

DjP "Juicyway" Link to DjP's Soundcloud

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sard Boogie

I recently ran across Sard Boogie's tracks on a Juno Download excursion and his song "The Standard" really stood out to me. I love his style and it reminds me a lot of Sleeve and some older instrumental hip hop stuff that I love. He is a rapper and producer but I would say his productions fall under a unique vibe, more deep disco boogie and broken beat than straight up sample hip hop. It sounds like dude also can play some keys, which is a nice change of pace. Anyway, check out dudes music via his bandcamp page here and make sure to check out the 2 albums he has posted up, I think he is asking like $2 or $3 dollars for each whole album. Apparently he has a whole new album dropping sometime in October, I personally can't wait.

Sard Boogie "The Standard"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New radio show / podcast "Old To The Nu"

okotto - Funk Theory
Mike D - Real Thang
Hint - Give It Up
Color Climax - Batidas Latinas
DJ Zeph - Discoteca Plastica
Ben & The Plantano Group - Salute To Santa

Laurie Johnson - Hijack Part 1
Badboe - Spread The Words
Del Jones - Vibeing Theme
Paolo Apollo Negri - Paparazzi
Tom Drummond - Hit The Road
Shake Shot - Funktomas
Hayz - Twisted Lemon
DJ Agent 86 - Microdot (Dropout Orchestra Rmx)

tOtALcULt Intro
Breakbeat Junkie - Here's a Funky Beat
Chris Awesome - Don't Say You Love Me
tOtALcULt - Boot Goes On
Niko - Party Break Pt. 1
Funk Burners - Whatchya Got
Zamali - Get Up On Your Feet
Busta - Jump That Way
Roy Ayers - Running Away (Noodleman Rework)

Basement Freaks - Here Comes Our Dilla
Ancient Astronauts - Put 'Em Up
Afrodisiac Soundsystem - Dimples By The Lake
Rephrase ft. Vandal - Best Of Both Worlds (Assembly Line Rmx)
Funkanomics - How We Rock ft. Badkat
Kidda ft. Blak Twang & Lomax - Doo Wot?

The Funk League - You're Gonna Learn ft. Andy C