Friday, October 29, 2010

Neighbour & Think Tank "Get With This Mix"

Here is some music to get your Halloween weekend pumping, an all originals mix from Neighbour with his main man Think Tank. Sickness

Neighbour & Think Tank "Get With This Mix"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ELM party with AGFA and More Saturday Night

Hey after the big rally on Saturday we will be throwing down with our good friends ELM at Little Miss Whiskey's. Please come join us and get your funk on.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I wil be in Asheville, NC Saturday 10/23/2010

Really looking forward to djing in Asheville and traveling down with my wife. If your in the area swing by and say hello, I'll also be doing a little surprise set in Chapel Hill.

Phoenix - Rome - Jus One Remix

Phoenix has become one of favorite bands over the last 2 years, and I'm always digging for interesting remixes of their songs. The other day I ran across this boogie remix of Rome and downloaded it and put it in the shuffle. I like to check out songs a bit before I move them into my music folder and unto my serato drive, as I find some songs don't resonate with me after a couple of plays or some songs get more interesting after a couple of plays. This remix of Rome is one of the later, and Jus-One really did a good job on this remix. I really dig the added elements and he moves the song into a whole new light. Be sure to check out some of his other tunes as he is really talented, I also really dug his track Bumbaclart_star-jus_one_VIP_dubplate_mix and the Santigold "L.e.s. artistes" jus one rerub.

Phoenix "Rome" (Jus-One Remix)

Phoenix-Rome_just_one_remix by jus-one

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've always loved the Chic / Queen bassline, and it's been sampled a billion times but somehow Normski made it fun again. I used the Audited Beats edit of this song on my last mix, but this full version is pretty cool. I just found it today, and I think it could come in handy to mix some vocals over and play around with. Anyway, not sure how many downloads he has left on his Soundcloud so grab it soon.


The Breakbeat Junkie - What I Need (DJP's Boombox Remix)

The Breakbeat Junkie and Dj P are 2 of my good pals from over the pond and the Breakbeat Junkie even let me crash at his flat after a night of raving and battle dancing in Nottingham. Anyway, I got this remix update today in Soundcloud and low and behold P has went in and remixed BBJ's "What I need". The boys were also kind enough to offer up the original as well which you can link below. What more can I say Arrested Development, funk and breaks are all in lock step here. Check it

Oh yeah, the Autobot picture of from the new Transformers movie shoot that was done in DC, this was Optimus Primes grill. While I'm not a fan of the movie's I loved Transformers as a kid and thought the truck looked bad ass.

The Breakbeat Junkie - What I Need (DJP's Boombox Remix) by scratchabit

The Breakbeat Junkie "What I need" DJ P remix and Original

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Neighbour Out now on Vinyl BIBB

We are finally proud to say that the new Neighbour record is out on vinyl via Groove Distribution. You can order it here

Digital will be following shortly. Stay Tuned

Neighbour "Ray Rock" by funkweapons

Neighbour "Say Nothin" by funkweapons

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Good Funk Alliance dj set at U-Street Music Hall Oct. 8th

We will be djing this Friday with Tom B and Jimi Wes at one of the hottest clubs in our nations capital U-Street Music Hall. We had been wanting to get in there ever since it opened and now we have been given the keys to the booth. Expect un-heard jams from our upcoming album, as we will be testing some new cuts. Also a bit of classics and some new joints from our global linkage of friends.

Below is one of the last songs we officially released using samples from our vast record collection. It was a good record for us, as it introduced us to Eastern Europe and helped us gain world-wide recognition. We hope you enjoy it and if you live in DC, please come out on Friday and say hello.

All Good Funk Alliance - The One by ALL GOOD FUNK ALLIANCE

Keep Funk Alive Oct 30th

We are huge fans of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, and we were super excited to hear they will be holding an event here in DC. We will be there fully supporting the cause and waving our funk flag. And after the event we will be djing a party at Lil Miss Whiskey's with our boys ELM. In honer of this event I posted up an older tune I used to drop all the time. Let's keep that funk alive..

* Special Thanks to Marc E. for creating this stellar graphic.

Scott Grooves Feat Parliment "Mothership Re-Connection"